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Borderlands 2 | Gibbed's Save Editor | Getting to know RAW Data

clockposted 06-29-2013, 08:53 AM,
Hey everyone, not many people know about RAW Data, or what it does on the Gibbed Save Editor, so, I made a video explaining all of the basics on RAW Data. Like the video? Smile

Raw Tab List
Gibbed Raw Tab

ActiveMissionNumber- The mission number you currently have selected.
AppliedCustomizations- Just tells you what head and skin you have selected.
AwesomSkillDisabled- This is you Badass Rank, if this the box is checked then when you load your game, all of your will be disabled.
BankSlots- You can add space there but I can never seem to get it to work.
BlackMarketUpgrades- Here you can change the amount of SDUs you have bought from the Black Market(Ammo, Bank, Inventory Space).
ChallengeList- Here it shows a list of the Challenges that you can complete in game. Have yet to mess with it.
CurrencyOnHand- This is just a list that copies what you typed in the Currency tab.
DLCExpansionData- The ID number associated with the DLC (Ex. Pirate's Booty = 1).
DLCClassPackage- This is the set ID for the DLC character (Ex. Mechromancer = 2).
ExpLevel- This is just a copy of what level the character is.
ExpPoints- This is just a copy of how many exp points the character has.
FullyExploredAreas- Here is a list that shows the regions you have fully uncovered.
GeneralSkillPoints- This is just a copy of how many skill points the character has.
InventorySlotData- Can't change.
IsBadassModeSaveGame- Should always say False.
IsDLCPlayerClass- Checked for DLC characters such as Mechromancer(and future characters)
ItemData- Here you can add items to your character(Relics). Havn't needed to use it before.
LastPlaythroughNumber- It might state what playthrough you last played on.
LastSavedDate- Means the last time the character was saved.
LastVisitedTeleporter- Names the last Fast Travel station you used.
LevelChallengeUnlocks- This has something to do with your Challenge completion.
LockoutList- Resetting the "Time" to 0 allows you to keep fighting the Raid Bosses.
MarketingCodesNeeded- You can unlock certain things pertaining to Pre-order DLC and the Premiere Club.
MaxBankSlots- You can change the amount of space in the bank here, but I never used this method.
MissionPlaythroughs- Here is a list off your current and active quests. You can change what quest you want to be on and if you've completed it or not.
NumChallengePrestiges- Lists the challenges you "Prestiged"
NumGoldenKeyesNotified- Changing how many keyes you have here does not work.
OneOffLevelChallengeCompletion- The data for certain Challenges are listed here.
PackedItemData- I think this just says how many items are equipped(Grenades, Sheilds, Relics, Class Mods)..
PackedWeaponData- I think this just says how many weapons are equipped.
PlayerClass- States what class you picked.
PlaythroughsCompleted- Here you can change the numbers of playthroughs you have completed(0 means 1st Playthrough, 2 means TVHM).
PlotMissionNumber- This number is for what Main Quest mission you're on. But make sure you change the Plot Mission to match this number.
QueuedTrainingMessages- This is a blank list.
RecievedDefaultWeapon- Checked or Unchecked, it does nothing.
RegionGameStages- Here you can enter in specific area/locations in the world and change the levels of the enemies.
ResourceData- Here you can change the amount of ammo you have for each of your guns.
SaveGameID- Just a copy of the ID in the General tab.
ShowNewPlaythroughNotification- Check or Unchecked, it does nothing.
SkillData- Here is a list of all you character's skills. You can change the amount of points you used on each.
SpecialistSkillPoints- Nobody knows what they are or do.
StatsData- Doesn't Change
TotalPlayTime- You can change the amount of time spent in the game.
UIPreferenceData- Doesn't Change
ALL UNKNOWNS- Can't change anything here.
UsedMarketingCodes- You can unlock certain things pertaining to Pre-order DLC and the Premiere Club.
VistedTeleporters- This is a list of all the Fast Travel Stations you've unlocked.
WeaponData- Here you can add and change things about your weapons. I don't use this method though.
WorldDiscoveryList- This is a list of all the locations in the world and you can check off the boxes to say "Uncovered

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clockposted 06-29-2013, 09:33 AM,
Very nice tutorial, thank you Tyler.
[Image: 3UlCd4e.png]
clockposted 07-20-2013, 06:58 PM,
Thanks everything in the raw section is a lot more clear to me.