Full Version: Mom trolling kids.
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Girl is forcing a boy to marry her... LOL XD
Haha lmao. She's gonna marry him lmao.
She is a determined little girl isn't she Tongue
Wow, there are more than just petifiles these days
Imagine how she would get if she wanted new shoes or something Big Grin
lmao i like how the kid is screaming loudly so he wouldnt have to hear the girl
Haha wtf fanatics u finding theas things
now fanatics why were you filming me (the girl was soo anoying)
where does he find these things lmao (on a side note: he sounds like 90% of the kids on mw3 lol)
XD LOL TROLOLOLOLOL this is to funny the girl should just like call 911 on him.Poor girl.she has to listen to that annoying boy.He sounds like a banshee for some reason when he screams. LOL!