Full Version: All MW3 Guns along with classes.
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This is for all the MW3 players who want to know more about the guns and classes that are good too use depending on how you play. No negative feedback please, thank you!!

Assult Riffles:_____ Classes:
-M16A4__________ -ASSULT
SCAR-L__________ ACR 6.8/Impact/Silencer or Red Dot Sight
-CM901__________ SCAR-L/Impact/Silencer or Red Dot Sight
-G36C___________ AK-47/Kick/Silencer
-ACR 6.8_________
-MK14___________ -SMG
-AK-47__________ UMP-45/Kick or Impact/Silencer
-FAD____________ PP90M1/Impact/Silencer
________________ MP7/Impact/Silencer
-MP5____________ -LMG
-UMP-45_________ MK46/Impact/Extended Mags
-PP90M1_________ M60E4/Impact/Extended Mags
-MP7____________ -SHOTGUNS
________________ USAS-12/Damage/Grip
LMG:____________ Spas-12/Damage/Grip
-L86 LSW________ Striker/Damge/Any
-MK46___________ RSASS/Impact/ACOG
-M60E4__________ MSR/Impact/Any
SHOTGUNS:______ Perks for Classes:
-KSG-12_________ -RUSHING
-AA-12__________ Extreme Conditioning
-SPAS-12________ Quickdraw
-STRIKER________ Stalker
-MODEL 1887_____
________________ M.O.A.B Class
SNIPERS:________ Scavenger
-BARRET .50 CAL__ Assassin
-L118A__________ Marksman
-AS50___________ SNIPING/QS
-RSASS__________ Sleight of Hand
-MSR____________ Quickdraw
________________ Marksman or Steady Aim
Nice Post WRAITH Hope This Helps Out All The Mw3 Players
I had too use underscores too space it out. I dont know how it looked for you before but it looks better this way.