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  Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Is A Bombshell
Posted by: KILLSHOT707 - 06-15-2015, 11:09 PM - Forum: Portal News - No Replies

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Is A Bombshell
[Image: xboxonelong-1152-610.jpg]
Microsoft promised us some surprises at E3, and it looks like they delivered. Phil Spencer dropped a bombshell right at the beginning of the conference by announcing backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. The company promises that Xbox 360 games will run perfectly on the Xbox One this holiday season, though it won’t be all games to start with. Whether or not it works perfectly is a giant question mark, but if it does this is a huge change.

I’ve got a stack of Xbox 360 games nearly a story high in my house, and I know I’m not alone. It looks a little sad there right now, seeing as I’ve mostly moved my gaming over to current-gen systems. Backwards compatibility isn’t something we’ve seen on Xbox or Playstation since the PS3, which didn’t turn out too well (The Wii U is backwards compatible with the Wii, though). Microsoft appears to have found a pure software solution to the problem, unlike the PS3.

But people like me aren’t really the target audience. This is clearly aimed at Xbox 36o owners who have been nervous about making the full jump to Xbox One. This smooths out that transition by giving people peace of mind: they won’t have to totally restart their games collection. Microsoft promises that digital games should start appearing in libraries around launch.

PS4 still has a massive lead, and I’d be surprised if this would be enough to close that sizeable gap. But it’s a great feature for Xbox 360 owners, and an important reversal for the company that bombed E3 so badly two years ago. That Microsoft appeared to want to stymie gamers with DRM and requirements at every turn. This is just the opposite: as Phil Spencer said, gamers shouldn’t have to pay more for games they already own — a clear shot at Sony’s Playstation Now service. It’s a pro-player move, and we could always use more of those.

E3 has already started strong with Bethesda’s conference last night, and this backwards compatibility is one of the better announcements I’ve seen in a while. Will sony have something big to show us tonight? We’ll see.

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  Black Ops 3
Posted by: KILLSHOT707 - 05-28-2015, 08:33 AM - Forum: Portal News - Replies (2)

[Image: 2Q==]
[Image: Black-Ops-3_Key-Art_Horiz.jpg]
The most awaited franchise of the CoD series, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, has been confirmed for a Friday release day. Fans with the PS4, Xbox One and PC will be able to purchase the game on November 6.

The game publishers seem to be breaking tradition for Black Ops 3 as they typically launch games during the middle of the week. Senior Vice President of Activision, Rob Kostich stated that they moved the date so fans and hardcore players can enjoy a fun weekend of gameplay. 

The newest feature will have a new storyline and the Treyarch's Zombies mode, which was quite popular with the fans. The latter has a wide ange of maps that will cater to every type of CoD player. 

A new ranking system has been introduced as well, where gamers can rise up in the ranks by accumulating and completing a certain number of kills, headshots and revives and other actions. Points will be deducted if the player's character dies or if they miss an important task. 

Gamers who want to see how others play can do so with the eSports feature, which allows one to broadcast their matches all over the world. 

New weaponry for the different class ranges will also be available for use, and players can choose up to 10 different elements to customize their characters.

One weapon that fans are looking forward to acquiring is the M1 Irons revolver, which can kill enemies with a single shot.

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  $10 XBOX Currency for $3.00
Posted by: Fanatics - 01-24-2015, 12:09 PM - Forum: Portal News - No Replies

$10 XBOX Currency for $3.00

Hurry before they catch on guys.

Coupon Code: 57067

Use that promo code at checkout for this: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

Once per account. Make sure you do it on NEW accounts each time. You can redeem that $10 Windows Store code on your Xbox LIVE account as it'll send a 25 digit code. Choose ship to store to avoid the $10 shipping charge. It emails the code so don't worry.

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Posted by: KILLSHOT707 - 11-18-2014, 08:09 AM - Forum: Portal News - No Replies


[Image: 15-xbox_blog.jpg]
Ark hunters, Defiance Free-to-Play will be launching on Xbox 360 tomorrow, November 18 at 9:30 AM PST (GMT-7)!

Earn your stripes as a new recruit fighting for the future of Earth (or return as a seasoned veteran!) just in time for the Aftermath of Season 2′s events:

Download Defiance today and battle through the entire Bay Area and Silicon Valley storylines.
Discover the conclusion and follow-up to the Season 2 crossover storyline with our Aftermath update, coming next week.
Learn more about Defiance Free-to-Play from our our preview page.
When Defiance Free-to-Play launches on Xbox 360 tomorrow, everyone with an Xbox Live Gold membership will be able to install the game free:

At the Xbox 360 Dashboard:
Using the Left Bumper, navigate to the Games tab and press A.
Select Search Game and press A.
Enter “Defiance” and select the Defiance search result.
Select the Defiance image and press A.
Select Download and follow the prompts (where you want to install to, etc).
Once the Pending Download is complete, open the Xbox 360 Dashboard again.
Using the Left Bumper Switch to the Home tab.
Select Recent and press A.
Select Defiance and press A.
Select Play Now.
You can also Pin the Defiance game to your My Pins or you can find it under My Games.
Once you run Defiance, you will then download the newest Defiance patch to get you completely up to date.
If you have already installed the disc-based version and have the newest patch there, you will not need to reload the Defiance specific patch again as the digital version will recognize it.
Are you a returning veteran? All Defiance owners will enjoy more character slots, loadouts, ark keycode capacity, and inventory slots than free-to-play accounts. For those looking to expand what they already have, we’ll even be offering increases to these limits. Defiance owners will have the following on their account when Defiance Free-to-Play launches:

Character Slots Base: 4
Loadouts Base: 5
Ark Keycode Base: 75
Inventory Slots Base: 70
30-Day Paradise Patron Pass
Grant of 1000 Arkforge
Existing characters will retain any extra Character, Inventory, Loadout and Ark Keycode capacity they already have above the base numbers listed here.
We look forward to seeing you in this brave new frontier, ark hunters!

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  Destiny's First Expansion Arrives December 9th
Posted by: KILLSHOT707 - 10-30-2014, 01:05 PM - Forum: Portal News - No Replies

Destiny’s First Expansion, The Dark Below, Arrives On December 9
[Image: DestinyTDBRD-610.jpg]
You’ve conquered the Iron Banner, mastered the Nightfall strikes, and have swept through the Vault of Glass with your eyes closed. You’re ready for Destiny’s first expansion.

Bungie and Activision have detailed exactly what you can expect from The Dark Below. In addition to new gear, players can boost their end-game light level from 30 to 32. You’ll also get five more bounty slots, which should make it less painful to pursue multiple exotics at the same time.

The new story missions focus on the Hive god, Crota (whose sword you can wield against its makers in one of the base game missions). You’ll get your tasks from a new character at the tower, Eris.

There’s also a new three-person strike called The Will of Crota, a new six-player raid called Crota’s End, and three new multiplayer maps. PlayStation players will get additional time-limited exclusives (until at least next fall). That comes in the form of a second strike, The Undying Mind.

The Dark Below will cost you $19.99 or as part of the expansion pass with the second DLC pack for $34.99. For more Destiny, check out the All Hallows Eve event going on right now.

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  Minecraft PS Vita Edition Coming to PS Store
Posted by: KILLSHOT707 - 10-10-2014, 07:17 AM - Forum: Portal News - No Replies

Minecraft PS Vita Edition Coming to PS Store Next Week
[Image: 15491761175_56d0fcaa84_z.jpg]
Minecraft fans, the wait is finally over! Minecraft PS Vita Edition will be available on PlayStation Store on Tuesday, 10/14 for only $19.99. The retail version will be available starting on 11/11 at the same price.
With the portability benefits of PS Vita and its dual analog control system, you can now transfer your existing Minecraft PS3 Edition save to and from the PS Vita Edition, and continue to build, explore, and conquer anytime, anywhere. When you’re done, simply transfer your save to the PS4 Edition for the ultimate Minecraft experience!

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